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Between the years: Learning to listen again

Goodbye 2023, Welcome 2024! As the clock winds down, we find ourselves standing at the intersection of time...

December 27, 2023
Between the years: Learning to listen again

Between the years, beyond time, as past spirits are passing and humans may face old grief, let's take a cue from nature's silent slow-down and surrender into the transition period as generations before us intuitively did. During these dark winter nights we wish you clear minds, courage to feel and let go - and confidence to face the world anew and recharged in 2024. She needs our Pura Vida Spirit more than ever.

Feeling into the transition

First of all, we have a new playlist for you! Perfect as a companion through this period and for every moment in which you want to embark on a journey to yourself: This playlist is meant to anchor you in a state of flow. The ambient tunes create an auditory landscape to maintain your harmony. It’s ideal for those moments when you seek gentle stimulation and calm and lets you immerse into the energy of our last community event with Uroboros.

Press play, lean back and feel into the transition: Spiraling closer towards an end, closer towards a new beginning, closer towards ourselves, a core - maybe one and at the same time millions in a giant web of being. And if we listen closely, we might even hear the last december breezes already telling stories of another dawning year...


Maybe you want to take your time and bring this year to a close in order to process and create energetic space for new plans and goals. We would like to encourage you to, for this, find a special place some time during the next days. Grab a hot drink of your choice and everything you need for a cozy introspection - tea, cocoa, candles, singing bowl, incense... Also, take your time: withdraw in such a way that you really can't be disturbed. Before you go through our questions in the following, come into the here and now: Follow your exhalation to its natural end, wait until your body breathes in again on its own and try to observe this consciously for a while.

  1. How did 2023 feel for you in one sentence or word? If this was another chapter in the book of your life - what is the heading?
  2. What was the most impressive event in each month that you remember most strongly and that had a lasting impact on this year? What do these twelve events move in you?
  3. What are three things or situations that you are grateful for this year? What brought you great joy and makes your heart dance when thinking back? When were you able to be yourself safely and freely?Linger in the warmth a while before you move on.
  4. What were difficult moments or challenges? Were you able to learn something from them or is it just good that the situations have passed? Are you proud of anything? What peaks were you able to climb?You are welcome to celebrate yourself at this point, even for seemingly small steps!
  5. Which people have accompanied you throughout this year, have been close to you and  shaped your path? Who will continue to be by your side - and who will you let go? Take time to share some love and strengthen your bonds.
  6. What have you been able to move and achieve beyond your own path? How have you stood up for ideals, for other beings and this earth? Whose lives have you been able to positively influence?
  7. Are you the person you want to be right now? Where are you going from here? What projects, goals, intentions, plans do you want to integrate into your life in 2024?

Good Bye 2023, Welcome 2024

As the clock winds down, we find ourselves standing at the intersection of time – reflecting on the journey behind, releasing the echoes of the past, savoring the beauty of the present, and stepping into the unknown of tomorrow with hearts full of hope...

Here's to a New Year's Eve spent embracing the wisdom gained, ready to paint the canvas of tomorrow with mindful intentions. May you all have a blessed start into 2024!

And may the rhythm of Pura Vida guide us into a year filled with purpose, connection, and the co-creation of a better future.🔮✨

Intention: Learning to listen again

We would like to close this year with the beautiful words of Soto Zen Buddhist Kankyo Tanner as a sacred intention for everyone:

"That's what it's all about: learning to listen again. To listen to the silence, to the space between the words, the calm in the storm, the passing of time.Learning to enjoy again: the taste of the moment, the smell of a meal, the foam of the days, the warmth of the fire. Learning to feel again: the touch of fingertips, the throbbing heart, the space that opens up, the time that suddenly stops..."


Thank you for everything. See you 24 💜🥂

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