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How to go to a festival alone

...and why Pura Vida is the perfect place to try it!

February 8, 2023
How to go to a festival alone

It can be scary to do things on our own if we are not used to it. And even if we are – attending a small substance-free festival all alone can definitely require another type of courage. If you are playing with this thought in your mind, here is the sign you have been waiting for – and, next to some good reasons why to do it, also a few recommendations on how to face this challenge!

If we see somebody sitting alone in a restaurant, we tend to wonder if he or she is lonely. We might even feel sorry for him or her. Even though we live in highly individualized societies, it often seems unusual to us that a single person in a public space is actually having a good time all on their own. There seems to be a mistrust that spending time only with yourself while being among other people could be enjoyable – especially when your smartphone is in your pocket 😉.

It is not unlikely that this has a lot to do with how we relate to ourselves in general.

Many of modern society’s favorite ‘leisure time’ activities are rather instruments designed to escape from instead of meeting ourselves. We are so used to distracting ourselves from our own company. We are not used to exposing ourselves. The distraction can also be a form of protection for us, in some cases.

And while it is a completely normal and deeply human longing to be part of a secure and protective social net and to share fun and pleasures with partners, friends, or family, this can also keep us from exploring new things that we feel drawn to or are really interested in – only because nobody in our ‘comfort net’ feels the same way and wants to join.

This is exactly why you should come to Pura Vida Festival Retreat – even when nobody you know is joining. Maybe especially then! 

To truly meet and be your authentic self, it sometimes helps to be away from those who know you in a certain role or time in your life, that perhapsyou are starting to, or would like to grow out of. Especially if you tend to please others or spend a lot of energy to fit into a group of people you like. 

You don’t have to do that here. Pura Vida Festival Retreat provides a safe and playful space where you can meet others without barriers, where you can experience to be truly seen and heard – and give this gift to others as well. This is a powerful and meaningful healing experience, but of course, it can seem a little scary at first. 

We got you. 

Here are some tips to guide you through it:

  • Pack everything you need to make yourself a little comfortable cozy home during your stay. Bring your favorite clothes and pillow, maybe even a talisman or something that carries the power of a past experience, of friends, family or a loved one. Something you can draw strength from. If you don’t feel too comfortable with the simple pleasures of camping, you might want to consider our pre-set glamping tents or one of the fully equipped apartments. Glamping Tents can be booked via the website soon.
  • Get in the groove. Make your cells familiar with the vibe and sound at home and on your way to the festival by listening to our Spotify playlist “Find the Courage Within” specially designed to ignite your inner fire and encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and into the unknown! 
  • Use the wonders of technology to meet others even before the festival. Join our telegram group and connect or find people from your area to jointly come.
  • Relax and take your time. Our festival journey actually allows you to get into contact with yourself first on day number one, before the workshops start, in order to concentrate more on relationships with others and the world on the following days. You don’t have to jump into cold water and can completely groove into the festival vibe at your own pace.
  • Have a look at the program and make sure to attend the workshops that really deeply interest you. We promise it will be super easy to connect to others – this festival retreat is designed to bring human beings together and create community experiences. Sometimes these connections take place on a way more intimate level than the everyday life conversations you are used to with friends. Keep in mind you never have to do or share anything     you don’t feel comfortable with and nobody expects you to.
  • Trust your hive. On your first day of the  festival retreat, you will be sorted (or actually sort yourself) into your     own hive - a smaller group of people that will meet regularly during the festival journey to reflect on experiences. Your hive leader will be prepared to guide you and hold space. If you have a question or feel overwhelmed, just watch out for the familiar faces of your hive members or your hive guide. 
  • Trust our “Angels” as well: We will always have “Angels” around to ensure everyone has a good time. They are there for a hug, to talk to, hold space during intense workshop experiences or just be with you.
  • Dare to participate pro-actively instead of passively consuming. This world is your home as well as everyone else’s and it is your birthright to explore it and enjoy its wonders. We’re in this together. Even if it does not look like it, a lot of the others at the festival will have come alone themselves. Talk to them - you might be very surprised indeed! And with that in mind: do not forget that you co-create everyone’s experience with what you bring to the table yourself. You can always make others feel as welcomed and integrated as you want to feel yourself. Be open. Listen to others. Be the first to smile. What you radiate will mirror back to you.  
  • Have little breaks to recharge. Take a nap, a swim in the lake or some time to journal, if you feel like it. Be honest  with yourself and others about what you need.
  • Always remember: Other people don’t think about you as much as you think they do. They can not see that you came alone and even if they do - well, you did come alone. There is nothing strange about it. It is actually pretty cool, isn’t it?


So why wait? Get out of your comfort zone and let the magic happen! We arelooking forward to you bringing your power and spirit and co-creating theexperience with us.


Become part of a flourishing community this summer and save your tickets for Pura Vida Festival Retreat.