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Getting there
We recommend traveling by train from Berlin to Grunow (Niederlausitz) train station via Frankfurt Oder or Königswusterhausen. A shuttle bus will run regularly between the Grunow train station and the festival site from Thursday to Sunday. Use of the shuttle bus is included in the festival ticket.
If you already want to use the way to the festival for a special nature experience, then we recommend arriving by bike. There is a continuous cycle path from Berlin to the Schlaubetal. If you arrive by bike, you can easily park it next to your tent. It is also possible to arrive by car. In order to promote the journey by bike and train, however, you have to purchase a separate parking ticket for your car. Admission to the site is possible from Thursday, June 15, 2023 from 12 noon. The festival ends on Sunday, June 18th, 2023 around 5 p.m. It may be possible to camp on the premises until Monday noon (if you sleep in the Glamping Tent or apartment, please buy a ticket).

The easiest way to stay overnight on the premises is if you bring your own tent. There will be enough camping areas for the tents, which are located right next to the lake, surrounded by forests.

Showers & Toilets
There are 2 shower stations on the site, each with several showers. In addition, there is a sink station in the camping area for washing hands and brushing teeth. There are toilets in various places on the site.

Food and drinks
There will be various food trucks on the site offering varied and healthy vegan delicacies. There will also be stands where you can buy delicious snacks, delicious juices, smoothies or cacao. We also ask that you bring your own water bottle, as there will be various drinking water filling stations on the premises.

Please have a look in our separate Covid Section.

Alcohol & Co.
We made a conscious decision to create an alternative to the classical music festivals to show that you don’t need substances to have fun, or that the experiences you make consciously with each other are not only more sustainable for interpersonal relationships, but also for personal health and nature. Therefore, there will be no alcohol to buy at the festival and we would like to ask you to simply leave other substances at home.

What should I bring?
Please bring a yoga mat with you in any case - on the one hand for the yoga lessons, but also as a surface to sit or lie on for other workshops! A blanket or meditation pillow can also be suitable for this purpose. Please also bring a face mask with you. A water bottle is also useful, but there will also be water to buy on site. Disinfectant for the hands is also useful. If you are camping, think of the necessary equipment such as a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, flashlight, etc. Otherwise, please think of comfortable and warm clothing, as it can get chilly in the evenings. Don’t forget mosquito / tick repellent and sunscreen. If you’d like, please bring your own music instrument as well as the right outfit for our Saturday Evening Celebration :)

What should I not bring with me?
Please refrain from the following things: Please do not bring any animals onto the site, weapons of any kind, drugs, glitter, fireworks. Igniting open flames is prohibited on the entire site as there is a risk of fire.

What if the festival can’t take place?
If the festival cannot take place for any reason, e.g. Covid-19 restrictions or the like, then you have the choice whether you want to have your ticket rewritten for the next festival (at a later time in autumn or next summer), or whether you want to like to have the ticket refunded, or would like to donate the ticket amount to the Pura Vida Initiative. In the event of a refund, we will refund 80% of the ticket price and 100% of the accommodation upgrade options. The 20% help us to finance costs already incurred in the event before the cancelation.