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Location and accomandation

Getting there

We recommend traveling by train from Berlin to Grunow (Niederlausitz) train station via Frankfurt Oder or Königswusterhausen. A shuttle bus will run regularly between the Grunow train station and the festival site from Thursday to Sunday. Use of the shuttle bus is included in the festival ticket.
If you already want to use the way to the festival for a special nature experience, then we recommend arriving by bike. There is a continuous cycle path from Berlin to the Schlaubetal. If you arrive by bike, you can easily park it next to your tent. Here you find the bike route.
It is also possible to arrive by car. In order to promote the journey by bike and train, however, you have to purchase a separate parking ticket for your car. Admission to the site is possible from Thursday, June 15, 2023 from 12 noon. The festival ends on Sunday, June 18th, 2023 around 5 p.m. It may be possible to camp on the premises until Monday noon (if you sleep in the Glamping Tent or apartment, please buy a ticket).


The easiest way to stay overnight on the premises is if you bring your own tent. There will be enough camping areas for the tents, which are located right next to the lake, surrounded by forests.

Glamping Tents

‍We build a culture that is regenerative as it allows individuals to replenish their resources and the planet to heal. If you prefer a little more comfort, then you have the option of booking one of our glamping tents that have already been set up for you. The glamping tents offer generous space for 2 people and are equipped with 2 beds including bed linen. It is also possible to stay overnight on the camping area with your own camping van. For this you have to book a camper van ticket. Glamping Tents include fully equipped beds (no need to bring your own)!


Even more comfort awaits you in the apartments on the premises. The deluxe apartments are equipped with their own kitchen, living room and bathroom and a bedroom with 2 beds. The deluxe double apartment has an additional bedroom with two beds, so it has a total of 4 beds. The summer double apartments have their own bathroom and 2 bedrooms with 2 beds each and are also suitable for 4 guests. The prices for the apartments when booking include the entire apartment. Apartments include fully equipped beds & towels (no need to bring your own)!

Facilities and catering

Showers and Toilets

There are 2 shower stations on the site, each with several showers. In addition, there is a sink station in the camping area for washing hands and brushing teeth. There are toilets in various places on the site.

Food and drinks

In 2023 we implement a new food concept. Instead of different food trucks we will have one big kitchen and prepare a delicious daily menu for all of us. We are really looking forward to get spoiled with vegan delicacies every day that will be cooked by our team of experienced chefs. You can expect an eclectic and varied menu of regional and seasonal foods as well as smoothies. The kitchen will be open for you daily between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. It will also soon be possible to purchase meal vouchers in advance via the ticket website.

Alcohol & Co.

We made a conscious decision to create an alternative to the classical music festivals to show that you don’t need substances to have fun, or that the experiences you make consciously with each other are not only more sustainable for interpersonal relationships, but also for personal health and nature. Therefore, there will be no alcohol to buy at the festival and we would like to ask you to simply leave other substances at home.

Good to know

What should I bring?

Please bring a yoga mat with you in any case - on the one hand for the yoga lessons, but also as a surface to sit or lie on for other workshops! A blanket or meditation pillow can also be suitable for this purpose. A water bottle is also recommended, but there will also be drinks to buy on site. Disinfectant for the hands is also useful. If you are camping, think of the necessary equipment such as a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, flashlight, etc. Otherwise, please think of comfortable and warm clothing, as it can get chilly in the evenings. Don’t forget mosquito / tick repellent and sunscreen. If you’d like, please bring your own music instrument as well as the right outfit for our Saturday Evening Celebration :)

What should I not bring with me?

Please refrain from the following things: Please do not bring any animals onto the site, weapons of any kind, drugs, glitter, fireworks. Igniting open flames is prohibited on the entire site as there is a risk of fire.

What if the festival can’t take place?

If the festival cannot take place for any reason, e.g. Covid-19 restrictions or the like, then you have the choice whether you want to have your ticket rewritten for the next festival or whether you want to like to have the ticket refunded, or would like to donate the ticket amount to the Pura Vida Initiative. In the event of a refund, we will refund 80% of the ticket price and 100% of the accommodation upgrade options. The 20% help us to finance costs already incurred in the event before the cancelation. Otherwise the tickets are non-refundable, but you always have the opportunity to transfer your ticket to another person.

Our Values at the festival

Accepting Ourselves and Others
There is light and darkness in all of us. We embrace this and appreciate ourselves and others in spite of our perceived weaknesses. We try to not take our judgmental mind too seriously and cultivate an attitude of radical acceptance towards ourselves and others.

Co-Creating our Shared Experience
We all partake in the creation of the new world we would like to inhabit. Every act is an act of co-creation as it shapes our shared social world. Share your gift and invite others to share theirs.

Being of Service
We want to be of service to the larger whole and to each being in particular. We often ask ourselves, how can I be of service?

Leaving No Trace
We make an effort to minimize our impact on the land, which is receiving us, and to reduce trash through using reusable and recyclable products and by cleaning up after ourselves.

Openness and Receptivity
We come with an open mind and an open heart. While we may think that we already know a lot, we are eager to learn and to explore.

Holding the Space
We hold space for others to have a transformative experience. We do this by being fully present with one another, by staying out of judgement and by listening deeply while also maintaining the focus on our own processes.

Giving what you can and taking what you need
We give freely and with the awareness that benefiting others ultimately also benefits us. At the same time, we take responsibility for our wellbeing and make sure that we get what we need (while being mindful of the needs of others).

Building a Regenerative Culture
We build a culture that is regenerative as it allows individuals to replenish their resources and the planet to heal.


Pricing Transparency

We are committed to creating intimate high quality experiences with lots of love. We are on the path towards being approved as a non-profit organization and almost the whole team works without payment, some of us full or half time since more than 2 years - because we believe in our mission. And still it is very tricky for a small festival to even cover all the costs occurring during preparation and production. Especially as a young project, the biggest challenge is that we never know how many people will buy a ticket at the end. However, at a certain time we need to define in which dimensions we plan, so we work with financial calculation scenarios in different sizes. 

For 2023 we have made the following calculation:
Organizational Costs (Bank account, ticket and payment provider, software, tax advisor,...)

6.000 €

Marketing (Videos and pictures, print materials, website, online marketing,...)

8.000 €

Programming (Artists, facilitators, materials, food,...)

6.500 €

Location rent

14.000 €

Production (Various tents, sound systems, lights, transporter, guest shuttles, sound & light engineer, construction team, eco toilettes, decoration materials, tools, food,...)

25.500 €

Total Costs 60.000 €

So we have to reach 60.000 € in sales to even cover all the costs. Then we need at least 7.000 € as pre-production for the next year. And then we still have not paid the team that works sometimes the whole year, either a few hours a week or until almost full-time. We also have to acknowledge that we underestimated the effort and costs it takes to realize such a project. That's why we slowly need to grow in participants to be able to pay the team at some time - otherwise such a project is not able to sustain, no matter how much we believe in it. If you struggle to pay for a regular ticket, you can either buy a reduced volunteer ticket or a Super Early Bird Ticket next time, which also helps us to reduce uncertainty. As another option, we would also be super happy to receive your application as a full volunteer, helping us build the festival during our creators week and therefore participating for free. In any case, by buying a ticket or supporting with your time and humanpower YOU make all of this possible. Thanks for the trust and support - together we are strong and can bring visions like this to life!