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Location and accomandation

Getting there

Travel by train.

To minimize our collective ecological footprint, we recommend traveling by train. The nearest train station is Schwanheide. It takes less than two hours by EC/ICE from Berlin (prices from 30 euros), and from Hamburg it takes just 40 sweet minutes (prices from 17 euros or free with a Deutschlandticket). From Schwanheide, you can either use the shuttle service for a small coin fee (all guests will receive information about this by email before the festival) or take a sustainable and sporty bike ride (see Elbe cycle path:

Travel by car.

We all know it: Sharing is caring. If you want to come by car, we are happy if you take other festival visitors with you!! (Rumor has it that one or the other has already found love on the way to Pura Vida...) If you are looking for a ride or have a ride to offer, you can use our Carpooling chat in our 2024 Telegram group. If you want to arrive yourself by car or camper, please remember to buy the appropriate ticket.


The easiest way to stay overnight on the premises is if you bring your own tent. There will be enough camping areas for the tents.

Glamping Tents

If you prefer a little more comfort, then you might find our glamping tents to be the perfect blend of luxury and nature. Our glamping tents are meticulously designed to provide a harmonious retreat, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors without compromising on modern comforts. These thoughtfully crafted shelters not only offer a comfortable escape but also contribute to the regenerative culture we aim to foster.

Facilities and catering

Showers and Toilets

There are showers and toilets in various places on the site.

Food and drinks

Our kitchen team will serve you a great menu every day and ensures to nourish everyone perfectly well with amazing delicious meals and affordable prices. Everything is vegan, organic and made with a lot of love of course.

Alcohol & Co.

We made a conscious decision to create an alternative to the classical music festivals to show that you don’t need substances to have fun, or that the experiences you make consciously with each other are not only more sustainable for interpersonal relationships, but also for personal health and nature. Therefore, there will be no alcohol to buy at the festival and we would like to ask you to simply leave other substances at home.

Good to know

What should I bring?

Please bring a yoga mat with you in any case - on the one hand for the yoga lessons, but also as a surface to sit or lie on for other workshops! A blanket or meditation pillow can also be suitable for this purpose. A water bottle is also recommended, but there will also be drinks to buy on site. Disinfectant for the hands is also useful. If you are camping, think of the necessary equipment such as a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, flashlight, etc. Otherwise, please think of comfortable and warm clothing, as it can get chilly in the evenings. Don’t forget mosquito / tick repellent and sunscreen. If you’d like, please bring your own music instrument as well as your favorite celebration outfit for our Saturday Evening Celebration :)

What should I not bring with me?

Please refrain from the following things: Please do not bring any animals onto the site, weapons of any kind, drugs, glitter, fireworks. Igniting open flames is prohibited on the entire site as there is a risk of fire.

What if the festival can’t take place?

If the festival cannot take place for any reason, e.g. Covid-19 restrictions or the like, then you have the choice whether you want to have your ticket rewritten for the next festival or whether you want to like to have the ticket refunded, or would like to donate the ticket amount to the Pura Vida Initiative. In the event of a refund, we will refund 80% of the ticket price and 100% of the accommodation upgrade options. The 20% help us to finance costs already incurred in the event before the cancelation. Otherwise the tickets are non-refundable, but you always have the opportunity to transfer your ticket to another person.

Our Values at the festival

Accepting Ourselves and Others
There is light and darkness in all of us. We embrace this and appreciate ourselves and others in spite of our perceived weaknesses. We try to not take our judgmental mind too seriously and cultivate an attitude of radical acceptance towards ourselves and others.

Co-Creating our Shared Experience
We all partake in the creation of the new world we would like to inhabit. Every act is an act of co-creation as it shapes our shared social world. Share your gift and invite others to share theirs.

Being of Service
We want to be of service to the larger whole and to each being in particular. We often ask ourselves, how can I be of service?

Leaving No Trace
We make an effort to minimize our impact on the land, which is receiving us, and to reduce trash through using reusable and recyclable products and by cleaning up after ourselves.

Openness and Receptivity
We come with an open mind and an open heart. While we may think that we already know a lot, we are eager to learn and to explore.

Holding the Space
We hold space for others to have a transformative experience. We do this by being fully present with one another, by staying out of judgement and by listening deeply while also maintaining the focus on our own processes.

Giving what you can and taking what you need
We give freely and with the awareness that benefiting others ultimately also benefits us. At the same time, we take responsibility for our wellbeing and make sure that we get what we need (while being mindful of the needs of others).

Building a Regenerative Culture
We build a culture that is regenerative as it allows individuals to replenish their resources and the planet to heal.

Can I join as a volunteer?

Yes, absolutely, we’d love you to!
You can join volunteering during the main festival days (20th - 23rd June) for a reduced price or join for our Creators Week (17th - 24th June).

Festival Volunteer (20th - 23rd June): The volunteering ticket is a good balance between being able to participate in most activities and supporting the festival with around 2 shifts of 6 hours. To participate as a volunteer simply buy a volunteer ticket for 229€ and after the festival we reimburse you half the price, so that your effective price is 114,50€. For each shift you work you also receive 1 food voucher. Camping is in your own tent. 

Creators Week Volunteer(16th - 24th June) (registration closed): Co-create the festival's magic and spending 1 full week with us in nature on the beautiful lands of “Wir Bauen Zukunft”! You will be working mainly to build-up the festival from Monday until Thursday and Sunday to Monday or Tuesday to build it down. We'll say thank you with a free festival ticket and free food on each day you work. You will sleep in your own tent.

We also kindly ask you to send a deposit of 50€ to us to secure your spot. The deposit helps us to make sure everyone shows up and helps - but don't worry, of course you'll get this back after you've done your part! You receive all necessary information after you filled-in the google form. Both volunteering during the main festival days as well as in Creators Week are great ways to be part of the festival. You'll have a look behind the scenes, connect with the whole team on a different level and be right in the middle of the action. Being a volunteer at Pura Vida Festival Retreat means you're a big part of making it all happen. Come join us and have an amazing time!