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Pura Vida Festival is an experience for personal wellbeing, collective awakening and planetary regeneration.

16. – 19. June 2022

16. – 19. June 2022

16. – 19. June 2022

16. – 19. June 2022

close to Berlin

close to Berlin

close to Berlin

close to Berlin

close to Berlin

close to Berlin

What if our personal wellbeing was aligned with the wellbeing of our planet? What if we could shift to a communal way of life that allows us to thrive and flourish together with all life on this planet?

We invite you to celebrate life and to co-create a holistic vision of the future.

Through a series of workshops, talks and ceremonies we explore narratives and tools to cultivate regenerative practices for mind, body, heart and earth.

Upcoming Experiences
Costa Rica 2022
Berlin June 2022

Our festival journey

We celebrate life and the power of transformative learning and healing journeys.


We begin the journey by cultivating the art of self care, and connecting with a source of wisdom within you. Through neuroscience, meditation, movement, creativity and other modalities, we explore our inner lives, and what it means to live a life at our full potential. Aligning the rhythms of mind, body, heart and spirit, what nurtures us most?


The second chapter of our festival journey takes us into the field of connection, communication and intimacy. What does it mean to experience true belonging? How can we relate to others, while also staying truthful to ourselves? What does it take to build a flourishing community?


We are an integral part of nature, embedded in the web of life. In the final step of our journey we discover the theme of inter-being. How can we live in a meaningful relationship to nature? What kind of systems truly serve the regeneration of our communities and our planet? What kind of world do we want to create?

Interactive Stages

Embracing narratives and tools from ancient wisdom traditions and latest scientific insights our stages are designed to inspire contemplation, self-inquiry, togetherness, exchange and transformation.


On this stage we dive into the mystery of consciousness, and explore philosophies of selfhood, identity and mental health.


Tapping into the healing power of community and expressing our heart’s desire, who are we when we are truly seen and heard?


Grounding our experiences in movement and body awareness, we embrace a philosophy of embodied learning.


Attuning our rhythms through play, and cultivating our imagination to envision the world of tomorrow lies at the core of our mission. Will you join us?

Why should I join?

We invite you to rediscover togetherness and connection. Embraced by a spirit of community, music and art, join us in 2022 to recharge your energies and to unfold your creative and visionary potential. Become fully aligned to your true and authentic self, and be empowered to embody your unique place in this world.

Yoga & Movement Arts

Meditation & Emotional Intelligence

Love & Intimacy

Sustainability & Regeneration

Purpose Economies & Future Living

Family & Childcare

Conscious Food & Drink

Live Music & Sound Healing

Ceremony & Celebration

About us

We are a collective of entrepreneurs and visionaries with a background in renewable energies, medical anthropology, the healing arts and philosophy. We are passionate about crafting experiences that bring human flourishing into alignment with healthy ecosystems. We believe that a loving community is the bridge towards a sustainable and peaceful world.

Our Vision

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