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16. - 19. June 2022
Naturpark Schlaubetal, near Berlin

Through interactive daily workshops, we explore themes, such as holistic health, meditation, self-knowledge and compassion, relationship, connection and intimacy, creativity, dance and embodiment, deep ecology and sustainability.

Become part of another chapter exploring co-creation and co-flourishing! 



Festival Program 2022

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The Market Place

We are excited to invite a variety of artisans and crafts makers for our buzzing market space! Stop by for an organically produced coffee or try some deliciously nutritious vegan meals, snacks and sweet treats throughout the day.

Pura Vida Festival RetreatPura Vida Retreat

The Family Space

As a community festival, this year we are exploring an innovative, needs-based building block concept for integrating parents with children of all ages. Together with participating families, we are co-creating a family-friendly community space. While many of the workshops and festival activities are family-friendly, we also provide childcare during workshop times.

The Healer's Space

by Soul Collective Berlin

Soul Collective Berlin will be joining Pura Vida Festival Retreat again this year to curate the one-on-one healer area.

The Soul Collective Healer Area is an oasis of calm on the festival grounds where you’ll be able to connect with facilitators offering one-on-one massages, bodywork, coaching, energy healing, as well as a variety of other healing sessions for the mind, body and soul.

The healer team curated by Soul Collective’s mission is to empower and guide festival-goers to find the capacity to heal within themselves and dive deeper into the ethos of personal development and awakening that is at the core of Pura Vida Festival Retreat.

Pura Vida FestivalPura Vida Festival

Cuddle & Empathy Station

Reset, Resource, Revive.

The Pura Vida cuddle space is the place to be on a festival to reconnect with self as well as with others. The space will offer daily guided self, diad and group cuddle sessions as well as a continuously available team of trained individuals. The team has different specialities in embodiment, breathing, meditation and guidance through emotions and trauma and are there for you whenever you need!

The space is free for anyone to come anytime, take a breath, cuddle, rest or to be held and seen.

The Pop-Ups

To offer you an extra level of enchantment, we offer you a sweet selection of surprise pop-up experiences, such as talks, poetry readings & sound journeys, that take place throughout the day at a variety of hidden nests by the lake or in the forest.

Facilitators & Artists

Anke Buchmann
Inner Muse  - Using clay to visualise our world within 
Step into the unknown and make peace with uncertainty through through intuitive and playful expression on paper and through clay objects.
Alina Shron
How to integrate psychedelic experiences
Psychedelic substances are powerful, primordial and proven tools for assisting personal development and self-realisation. Tools that shouldn’t be taken nor dismissed lightly.
Adam McKenty
Opening and Closing Ceremonies: Connecting to Life 
Adam and Carolin will co-host the festival's Opening and Closing Ceremonies around the theme of “Interbeing”.
Alisa Reimer
A Woman's Journey 
Celebrating the diversity of each woman's individual life path, we are coming together in all our different colours and shades.
Annemarie Neumann
Gentle Yoga Flow & Mantra
Connect with your breath, let go of tensions in your body and truly calm the mind.
Frederik Fleischmann
Non-Violent Communication 
This year we invite you to two non-violent communication workshops, one of the most powerful approaches to connection and peace.
Carolin Goethel
Opening and Closing Ceremonies: Connecting to Life 
Carolin and Adam will co-host the festival's Opening and Closing Ceremonies around the theme of “Interbeing”.
DJ Set
A big smile that captivates a joyfully swaying crowd, Giz holds you by the hand as she leads you to a journey into a melodic jungle with bass banging roots.
Intuitive Voice and Sound Movement
In this singing workshop and activation, We will open ourselves to the power of our own sound, resonating with the vibration of the group.
Lennart Hennig
Embodying Deep Ecology: From Idea to Experience
Deep Ecology is a new perspective into our inner landscape and our relationship with whole living earth. 
Katja Wöhl
Mindful Journaling
Mindful Journaling is an embodied, meditative practice to let the (sub)conscious-self speak through writing.
Kristina Schlecht
The “Rope Experiment": Boundaries and fluid shifts in Relationships
Explore what inner and outer boundaries mean to you.
Lino Zeddies & Anna Reisch
Inspiration for Transformation: Journey to a Regenerative Future
What might a world look like in which the great social-ecological transformation has succeeded?
Kolja Güldenberg
Being A Man - Powerful, Present & Touchable  
How can we be touchable in our masculine power today without falling into behavioural patterns of toxic masculinity?
MediTANZion: Dance Journey
MediTANZion (Dance Meditation) is a multi-layered journey through music, movement and community.
Manuela Bosch
Social Presencing Theater
Social Presencing Theater is an art form and social method that sharpens self-inquiry and systemic views on social change. 
Marlene Schmitt
5 Elements Flow Vinyasa Yoga
In this 90min Vinyasa Yoga Flow you will dive deep into the universal connection between your physical manifestation and the world around you.  
Maya Biersack
Non-Violent Communication
This year we invite you to two non-violent communication workshops, one of the most powerful approaches to connection and peace.
Nikolas Konstantin
Essentials of Meditation
Meditation is the science and art of exploring your mind.
Oliver Euchner
5 Rhythms
In the mornings, Oliver will guide you to playfully invoke high and deep physics presence through passionate dancing and powerful music..
Olivia Köhler
Connecting with Outer & Inner Nature
Olivia opens up a space for slowing down and for connecting – with the outer nature, your inner nature and the other beautiful people. With the human and the more-than-human world.
Pauline Drewfs
The Secret Art of Listening: Tools for Connection in Polarizing Times
Deep listening happens when we shift the point of focus away from ourselves and onto the other.
Ruth Andrade
A Regenerative Life: Re-Sourcing Yourself & Others in these Transformational Times
In this keynote speech on Sunday, Ruth Andrade will share story and life examples of overcoming challenges to manifest regenerative change.
Sarah Sakotic-Sondermann
Conscious Connected Breathwork Ceremony
A breathwork session is an inner world experience. In this ceremony a safe space is created to explore, feel and unfold yourself. 
Singing Circle and Dance Celebration
On Friday night, allow yourself to resonate and dance within different realms of consciousness, induced by music and movement.
Stefan Fischer
Principles of Permaculture
In this workshop, get to know the basic principles of Permaculture, one type of regenerative agriculture.
Stephane Seckin
Qi Gong
Qi Gong is a powerful way to stay calm, serene and focused as everything around us spins, turns and changes.
Yasemin Vollmond
Morning Hatha Yoga & Gong
In this morning class, get to know anandamaya kosha, the bliss body through Yoga & Gong

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Pura Vida Festival Retreat 2022
June 16, 2022
Naturpark Schlaubetal, Grunow-Dammendorf
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Nestled within the lush and serene Naturpark Schlaubetal, just over one hour outside of Berlin, lies the magical place of our festival. Surrounded by forests, lakes and the sound of the eagle’s song, we gather to immerse ourselves in daily yoga & meditation, interactive workshops, ceremony, dance and community.