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This is the beginning of a journey… let’s spark some magic together!


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Book your Glamping Tent

General Info for Festival Retreat Berlin 2024
Each Festival ticket includes full access to all festival activities for 4 days and a camping space for your own tent.

Payment Options
There is also an option to pay your ticket in three instalments. If you're interested please get in touch with us!

Accomodation Upgrade Options
​​​​If you prefer a bit more comfort you are able to rent one of our beautiful glamping tents.

Arrival and sustainability
To minimize our collective ecological footprint, we recommend arriving by train. You can find more information on how to get to the festival site here. If you want to arrive by car or camper, please remember to buy the appropriate ticket.

Volunteer Tickets​​
You wish to join us but your budget is very tight? We would like to invite you to join us as a volunteer! The volunteering ticket is a good balance between being able to participate in most activities and supporting the festival with around 2 shifts of 6 hours. To participate as a volunteer simply buy a volunteer ticket for 229€ and after the festival we reimburse you half the price, so that your effective price is 114,50€. For each shift you work you also receive 1 food voucher. Camping is in your own tent. If you want to get involved even more, join us for the Creators Week or apply as an artist or facilitator - please visit our Get involved page for more information!

Ticket as a Gift
Surprise a loved one with an unforgettable experience! Purchase a ticket to our exciting Pura Vida Festival Retreat, then download our Ticket Gift-PDF, print it out, personalize it with the recipient's name and a special message, and voilà – a thoughtful, customizable and unique present!

Ticket Gift-PDF