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How to make the most out of your festival experience

Pura Vida is more than a festival... We invite you to truly embrace what's about to come!

June 3, 2023
How to make the most out of your festival experience

Sometimes, we spontaneously book a festival ticket out of a mood, hurry there after a stressful work day and throw ourselves into the crowds to dance, sleep in and dance again until the morning comes. We make time fly by as we fly ourselves and before we know it the ride is over and we feel kicked out into the real world again. These experiences are totally fine and have meaning in their own way! But Pura Vida is not just one of these festivals.

You are about to embark on a journey that can bring you closer to yourself, others and the world as a whole. Even though you might not expect it - the four days we'll spend together could be life-transforming. We invite you to truly embrace what's about to come. To really lean into the experience and make the most out of your Pura Vida Festival Retreat, please find our favorite tips for you in the following! 

Before the festival

  • Pre-festival reflection

While of course we can never quite prepare for situations like these, you might want to take a little time before the festival for yourself to reflect on why you bought the ticket and what you expect. Become aware of what state of your life it is that you are in right now and which energies, conflicts, themes and questions you will bring with you. 

  • Take part in our warm up session in Aware

You don't have to do your pre-festival mindfulness practice on your own: Our dear partners from 29K have created a beautiful online meditation session for our community in Aware - their free mental health and wellbeing app - to let you dive into the mood of the festival and feel safe and connected even before arriving! (The first session takes place at the 8th of June at 5pm.)

  • Join our telegram group

Plan your arrival by connecting with other participants beforehand and stay up to date about everything important. 

  • Check the program 

You might want to have a look at the workshops and facilitators in advance to make sure you don't miss the ones you really want to see! 

At the festival

  • Come with an open mind and heart

While we may think that we already know a lot, we are eager to learn and to explore. Come as curious as possible and try to leave concepts of “must”s and "should"s in the outside world for this weekend. Appreciate yourself and others in spite of perceived weaknesses. You might want to try something completely new - do it! Don’t take your judgmental mind too seriously and cultivate an attitude of radical acceptance towards yourself and others. Be ready to get to know yourself and the world around you anew.

  • Participate the opening and closing ceremony

We will open the festival retreat together as well as we close it as a community. Apart from receiving valuable information and getting to know some of our faces already in the opening, these rituals also allow us to really cross a threshold together and dive deeper into the experience of true belonging and kinship. 

  • Start your days right

Use our program to build your own morning routine and structure your day the way it fits you and your needs. Participate at a mindful Yoga session, dance into the day or practice yoga or qigong to wake up and inhabit your body for everything that’s about to come.

  • Participate pro-actively 

You are not just a guest here - you are a co-creator of everyone's experience! We want to build something contrary to modern days' consumerist mindset by encouraging you to embrace a proactive one and dare to contribute. Share your gifts and invite others to share theirs. Hold space for others to have a transformative experience and be fully present. Ask yourself how you can be of service. 

  • Form new bonds

You might have come with your partner or friends - and we love that! Human beings are not only social creatures by nature - we exist and co-flourish through the bonds that we form with others. And in a world that thrives on individuality, we want to focus on the magic that happens when we dare to step towards each other and embrace our relationships. Be curious to get to know new people. Everyone is here for a special reason and has an interesting story to tell! 

  • Use our App

Though we encourage you to spend the four days detoxing from your phone a little as well, we also want to make it easier for you to keep track of everything that happens at the festival. So for this years experience, we provide an app for IOs and Android. You can find all the information about the program and schedule, a map and everything there is to explore at Pura Vida. All of it will be available OFFLINE - since the internet connection at the festival tends to be very fragile, but like this you can use it while also staying away from any outside world madness :-)

  • Slow down and connect with nature around you

Beautiful Naturpark Schlaubetal has a lot of little wonders to offer. While there is a lot of amazing stuff going on program-wise at the buzzing festival grounds, don't be afraid to skip a workshop if you feel the need to be alone. Life is not a list of bullet points to be crossed out and we don't want you to feel this way here. Take dips in the beautiful lake, just sit and listen to the birds, watch the trees swinging in the wind or mindfully walk barefeet a little while to connect with mother earth and all the non human life that is spending this weekend together with us. 

  • Enjoy our organic, vegan food with all senses

We have one big kitchen nourishing us throughout the days with amazing delicious vegan meals. Maybe you want to take your time to actually really mindfully eat here. How does your food smell? How does it look? Feel into the taste and be grateful for what mother earth gave and beautiful humans processed for you with a lot of love.

  • Get to know our healing space

Use the opportunity! We have amazingly wise healing facilitators among us at the festival who offer their gifts - one-on-one massages, bodywork, coaching, energy healing and a variety of other healing sessions for the mind, body and soul. Book your personal session to get empowered in your own healing and growth journey.

After the Festival

  • Take your time to integrate afterwards

On Sunday, you will probably feel very open and connected to your emotions and the energies around you. Take it slow now. It is a beautiful state of being, but also a vulnerable one - the world outside of our cozy festival bubble might feel extra rough. 

Maybe you can take a day off after the festival to land back in your everyday life. If possible, try to only meet and interact with people whose energy you can handle during the first one or few days. To help you integrate and make your return as soft as possible, we will also offer an online integration session on Aware with 29K afterwards. Stay aware of what comes up. Be kind to yourself. 

We meet, we part. But the light of your Pura Vida experience will stay with you. May we meet again. 

Become part of a flourishing community this summer and save your tickets for Pura Vida Festival Retreat.