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Festival Retreat 2021

With a seed community of more than two hundred participants we brought to life the Pura Vida Festival Retreat. A summer highlight for many, our first gathering in August 2021 outside Berlin was more than we could have ever dreamed of. It was full of magic community, joy and connection. Thank you to everybody who co-created this with us!

Facilitators & Artists
Agi Salii & Stefan Wolfers
Breathwork activates an alchemical process in ourselves. The medicine: your own breath!
Andreas Duda
Sensing the Change : A somatic-political  journey
An exploration into how our own life-force and vitality can support our ability to engage with our planet during these pivotal times. 
Achim Ecker
Inner & Outer Sustainability 
We live in a time of great change, as the deep ecologist Joanna Macy calls it. Our doing, or not doing, will affect the future to a large extent.
Benjamin Martin & Manuela Bosch
Gravity is my Lover
This workshop is a sensuality, self & nature journey. Manuela and Benji are integrating practices from Bliss Body, Social Presencing Theatre and embodied playfulness ...
Brina Stone
Opening & Closing Ceremony
Join us for a magical and immersive ceremony hosted and led by Brina.
Carla Messenger Adasme
A system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive emotions to deepen self-awareness.
Carolin Goethel
Tribe Guide
Carolin is hosting one of the daily integration circles in tribes at our festival. 
Christian Felber
Economy for the Common Good & Partnering Into Contact Improvisation
Join Christian Felber for two workshops: Economy for the Common Good & Contact Improvisation
Christoph Baierlipp
The Art of Intuitive Painting
We invite you to get in touch with your creative & playful self and the wonderful nature that surrounds and inspires you!
Cristina Arau
Female Empowerment & Leadership Journey | Women only
Celebrate & Learn about feminine principles, our natural cycles, and the medicinal wisdom that springs form women being together.
Dana Sertel
Jivamukti Yoga
This morning class is an exploration of Jivamukti Yoga combined with a carefully selected soundtrack, enabling practitioners to tap into their fullest potential and wellbeing.
Esther Silex
Saturday Night Celebration Live DJ Set
Let's Dance!
Ian Wilkes
Kirtan for the Soul
Kirtan is an ancient ceremonial practice of Bhakti Yoga or the Yoga of Devotion that involves singing mantras in a group setting.
Prof. Dr. Isabel Dziobek
Finding Empathy & Compassion within You: A Journey from Body & Brain to Mind
In this workshop we will explore how body, brain, and (emotional) mind are working in concert for an emergence of empathy and compassion. 
Jo.Ke (Feathered Sun)
Live Dj Set
Join Jo.Ke from Feathered Sun for his first live performance in Berlin this year.
Johannes Ebeling
Authentic Voice Dialogue
Our voice is a gateway to our deeper being, and we can access who we are most beautifully in a field of sound co-created with others.
Joshua Sam Miller
Sounds of the Ocean
A mystical journey to connect with marine life in support of ocean conservation.
Lennart Hennig
Relationship as a Path to Growth & The Role of Leadership in Evolution
Join Lennart for two workshops on Embodied Intimacy, Leadership & Personal Growth.
Lino Zeddies
Cities of the Future - Exploring Utopian Potentials
What is the greatest utopian potential of cities? With Lino we will explore this question to find out how cities that focus on the authentic needs ...
Manuela Bosch
Social Presencing Theatre (SPT)
Manu teaches an art form that integrates contemplative practice, embodiment and dialogue.
Nikolas Konstantin
Essentials of Meditation
Meditation is the science and art of exploring your mind. In this workshop you will learn how to group, understand and train the various forms of meditation techniques.
Oliver Euchner
5 Rhythms Body Waves
Oliver will guide you to playfully invoke high and deep physical presence through passionate dancing and powerful music.
Pauline Drewfs
Authentic Relating
Authenticity means being real and true to our self while being in relationship and in connection with others.
Sergio R. Pérez Rosal, MD
The Risks & Transformative Potential of the Psychedelic Experience
Psychedelics can lead to profound and life-changing experiences.
Steph Cusack
Saturday & Sunday Morning Yoga
Join Steph for two joyful and fun morning yoga sessions, open for all levels!
Yamine Orth
Female Empowerment & Leadership Journey | Women only
Celebrate & Learn about feminine principles, our natural cycles, and the medicinal wisdom that springs form women being together.