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20. - 23. June 2024
at Wir Bauen Zukunft, Gallen

Become part of another chapter of co-creation and co-flourishing! 

Join us in our holistic celebration of life through music, art, dance, ceremonies and collective learning. In interactive daily workshops, we explore themes such as holistic health, meditation, self-knowledge and compassion, relationships, connection and intimacy, creativity, embodiment, deep ecology and sustainability.

We look forward to an eclectic musical fusion of live performances by multi-instrumentalist artists blending traditional, indigenous, folk, and contemporary music from various cultures around the globe with other genres, such as electronic, jazz, classical, or experimental music. Be ready for a unique and immersive, co-created musical experience that transcends geographical boundaries, celebrates cultural diversity and opens the gates to new realms of creativity and feeling.

Festival Retreat 2023



The Market Space

We are excited to invite a variety of artisans and crafts makers for our buzzing market space! Stop by for an organically produced coffee, refresh yourself with a lemonade or try some deliciously nutritious snacks and sweet treats throughout the day, while you have a look through the jewelry, clothes, incense products and much more handcrafted valuables... Maybe you'll find a special little talisman to always remind you of your unique Pura Vida experience?

Pura Vida Retreat

The Family Space

While many of the workshops and festival activities are family-friendly, we also provide childcare during workshop times, so adults can also attend the experiences without their kids and fully dive into the sessions. At our kids area, children of the ages from 3 to 12 have their own creative playground to engage in various projects. Will they design their own upcycled crazy hat, create a magic dreamcatcher or come up with a completely new game to play together?

The Healing Space

The Healing Area is an oasis of calm on the festival grounds where you’ll be able to connect with facilitators offering one-on-one massages, bodywork, coaching, energy healing, as well as a variety of other healing sessions for the mind, body and soul. The team's mission is to empower and guide festival-goers to find the capacity to heal within themselves and dive deeper into the ethos of personal development and conscious awakening which is a crucial part of Pura Vida Festival Retreat.

Cuddle & Empathy Space

There might be times at the festival when you experience intense or challenging emotions and feel overwhelmed. Our cuddle & empathy tent is the safe space to ground and relax your nervous system by reconnecting with yourself as well as with others! Our team has different specialties in embodiment, breathing and meditation practices and guidance through emotions and trauma. They are there for you whenever you need it! The space is free for anyone to come anytime, to take a breath, cuddle, rest or to be held and seen.

Wellness Space

Sauna & Whirlpool

Our Wellness Space awaits you to sweat and detox in the sauna within the flavours of different nature infusions, provided by our wellness angels. We also have a whirlpool that invites you to relax, connect and replenish. Visit and feel fresh like a baby!

Glamping Tents

Elevate your experience and make yourself a cozy home and safe haven to rest, relax and recharge during the festival journey! Our Glamping area will be provided by Domo Camp. Check out their amazing offer and treat yourself with an extra bit of comfort immersed in nature. The stylish tents offer space for up to four people and are equipped with beds, sheets and pillows, a carpet, a fatboy lamp and electricity connection.

The Pop-Ups

To offer you an extra level of enchantment, we curate a sweet selection of surprise pop-up experiences, such as talks, poetry readings & sound journeys, that take place throughout the day at a variety of hidden nests all over the festival ground. Get ready to explore!

Vegan Food

Our kitchen team will serve you a great menu every day and ensures to nourish everyone perfectly well with amazing delicious meals and affordable prices. Everything is vegan, organic and made with a lot of love of course.

If you want to actively co-create, then please check out our options to volunteer, or become part of the team.

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Pura Vida Festival Retreat 2024
June 20, 2024 10:00 AM
June 23, 2024 18:00 PM
Wir Bauen Zukunft
Pura Vida Festival Retreat is an experience that aligns personal well-being with planetary
regeneration. The experiences  are journeys to tap into deeper sources of meaning and more purpose in life while experiencing a sense of community, love and lots of fun!Through interactive daily workshops, we explore themes, such as holistic health, meditation, self-knowledge and compassion, relationships, connection and intimacy, creativity, dance and embodiment, deep ecology and sustainability. Become part of another chapter exploring co-creation and co-flourishing! Tickets & More info:

Expect lush idyllic nature with wide open green fields, majestic trees, lots of magical hidden spots and an enchanted forest to be explored. Here, in a flourishing environment and absolute tranquility far away from the main roads, underneath the sparkling starry skies, we can experience ourselves as beings that belong on this planet. Truly a place where body, mind and soul come into harmony!