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Our Values

Accepting Ourselves and Others

There is light and darkness in all of us. We embrace this and appreciate ourselves and others in spite of our perceived weaknesses. We try to not take our judgmental mind too seriously and cultivate an attitude of radical acceptance towards ourselves and others.

Co-Creating our Shared Experience

We all partake in the creation of the new world we would like to inhabit. Every act is an act of co-creation as it shapes our shared social world. Share your gift and invite others to share theirs.

Being of Service

We want to be of service to the larger whole and to each being in particular. We often ask ourselves, how can I be of service?

Leaving No Trace

We make an effort to minimize our impact on the land, which is receiving us, and to reduce trash through using reusable and recyclable products and by cleaning up after ourselves.

Openness and Receptivity

We come with an open mind and an open heart. While we may think that we already know a lot, we are eager to learn and to explore.

Holding the Space

We hold space for others to have a transformative experience. We do this by being fully present with one another, by staying out of judgement and by listening deeply while also maintaining the focus on our own processes.

Giving what you can and taking what you need

We give freely and with the awareness that benefiting others ultimately also benefits us. At the same time, we take responsibility for our wellbeing and make sure that we get what we need (while being mindful of the needs of others).

Building a Regenerative Culture

We build a culture that is regenerative as it allows individuals to replenish their resources and the planet to heal.