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15. - 18. June 2023
Naturpark Schlaubetal, near Berlin

Wow, what an experience. What an incredibly powerful journey of healing, connection, softness, love, growth and celebration! 

Together, we dived into our raw authentic vulnerable selves, and experienced what it means to be truly at home in our bodies, on this earth and with each other. Pura Vida 2023 reminded us that the whispering promises of a new tomorrow are already here - in the vibrations of our humming voices, in the rhythm of our freely dancing feet, in the pouring rain on a ground that longs for water. 

It is spaces like Pura Vida that bear the secret of birthing the more compassionate and connected world. We are filled with so much hope - and look forward for everything to come.



Festival Program 2023

The Market Space

We are excited to invite a variety of artisans and crafts makers for our buzzing market space! Stop by for an organically produced coffee, refresh yourself with a lemonade or try some deliciously nutritious snacks and sweet treats throughout the day.

Pura Vida Festival RetreatPura Vida Retreat

The Family Space

As a community festival, this year we are exploring an innovative, needs-based building block concept for integrating parents with children of ages from 3-12. Together with participating families, we are co-creating a family-friendly community space. While many of the workshops and festival activities are family-friendly, we also provide childcare during workshop times.

The Healer's Space

The Healer Space is an oasis of calm on the festival grounds where you’ll be able to connect with facilitators offering one-on-one massages, bodywork, coaching, energy healing, as well as a variety of other healing sessions for the mind, body and soul.

The healer team's mission is to empower and guide festival-goers to find the capacity to heal within themselves and dive deeper into the ethos of personal development and awakening that is at the core of Pura Vida Festival Retreat.

Pura Vida FestivalPura Vida Festival

Cuddle & Empathy Space

Reset, Resource, Revive.

The Pura Vida cuddle & empathy space is the place to be on a festival to reconnect with self as well as with others. The space will offer daily guided self, diad and group cuddle sessions as well as a continuously available team of trained individuals. The team has different specialities in embodiment, breathing, meditation and guidance through emotions and trauma and are there for you whenever you need!

The space is free for anyone to come anytime, take a breath, cuddle, rest or to be held and seen.

Wellness Space

Sauna & Whirlpool

In a huge team effort with Klingemühle we have been building a sauna in 2022 that awaits you to sweat and detox within the flavours of different nature infusions that will be provided by our wellness angels. Next to the Sauna we have a whirlpool that invites to relax, connect and replenish.

Pura Vida Festival

Glamping Tents

In the first years we have been organising pre-setup Glamping tents by ourselves to provide an affordable sleeping upgrade, but it proved to be a crazy amount of work and we were also not experts in this field. Because sleep is very important we will provide you this year with significant upgrade: The Glamping area will be provided by Domo Camp. Check out their amazing offer and treat yourself with an extra bit of comfort immersed in nature. Plus: They provide the option to rent standard tents, that have been rescued from other festivals that you can rent, if you don't own a tent or prefer to travel with less luggage.

Book Glamping Tent

The Pop-Ups

To offer you an extra level of enchantment, we offer you a sweet selection of surprise pop-up experiences, such as talks, poetry readings & sound journeys, that take place throughout the day at a variety of hidden nests by the lake or in the forest.


After some challenges with the concept of a food market in the past we decided to implement a new concept. This year we will have one big kitchen, that will serve the same food for participants, crew and artists. With this new concept we will ensure to nourish everyone perfectly well with amazing delicious vegan meals and affordable prices.

If you want to actively co-create, then please check out our options to volunteer, or become part of the team.

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Facilitators & Artists 2023

We are super excited about this year's line-up that we have been slow cooking over the last month. Here you find a first glimpse into this years line-up. We will release more bits and pieces of the line-up as closer we get to the festival. You can check this section regularly for updates.

Fabio Volkmann
Life in Regeneration - From Soil to Self
We are looking forward to discovering the meaning and essence of regeneration! Let's cultivate nurturing grounds for the futures we plant!
Till Leinen and Thomas Berndorfer
Climate Consciousness: From Hopelessness to Meaningful Action
How can we approach the topic of climate crisis with acceptance and agency? How can we discover our role in systemic change towards a brighter future?
Nadira Linnartz
Intuitive Sacred Kitchen course 
Have you anchored the belief: I can not cook or bake? Then the Intuitive Sacred Kitchen course might be exactly what you want to do to discover your hidden talents with love & curiosity.
Rouzbeh Tavakkoli
Bhakti Kirtan with Mantra & Medicine Songs
Are you ready to liberate your inner sound, uncap your musical and creative potential and experience yourself and others in your most truthful, impactful and fulfilled selves?
Susanne Abbassian Korasani
Phytotherapie - sanfte Reize, große Wirkung (in German)
You always wanted to know more about the secret powers of medicinal plants? Here is your chance to get educated on natures massive healing potential which hides all around us!
John Lack
Non-violent communication - Deepening the relationships to others and yourself
Discover your inner self and build meaningful connections with John's transformative workshop at the Pura Vida Festival. Immerse yourself in emotional intelligence, mindful leadership, and authentic expression.
Dana Reina Téllez and Malika Virah-Sawmy
The Theatre of the invisible
Explore the depths of social justice and embodied liberation with Malika Virah-Sawmy and Dana Reina Téllez as they guide you through sacred theater and decolonial queer-lifemaking.
Kike and Freya
Archetypes Pujas
Are you looking to connect with like-minded individuals and explore intimacy in a non-sexual, fun way? Join Kike & Freya's workshop where you can experience heart alchemy practices, energy circulation, conscious touch, and more.
Jenny Jessen
Sisterhood Celebration - a women's circle journey
Are you looking for a space to heal, connect with your feminine essence, and be held in a strong circle of women? Join Jenny Jessen for the Sisterhood Celebration, a women's circle journey that allows you to (re)connect deeply as a sisterhood tribe.
Discover new soundscapes with Kaleema's live music show. How will native instruments and electronic beats blend? Ready for a borderless musical experience?
Leyolah Antara
Kundalini Dance - Emotional Alchemy
Are you ready to deepen your intimacy and dissolve barriers to soulful connection? Are you eager to transform conflict into opportunities for spiritual growth?
Marlia Coeur and Rouzbeh
Voice Activation Workshop
Are you ready to unlock your vocal potential and express your true voice with authenticity? Join Marlia Coeur's workshop to experience a transformative journey of vocal activation and musical experimentation.
Sarah Scholz
Prana Vinyasa Flow
Are you ready to connect with your higher self through a dynamic Prana Vinyasa practice? Do you seek a safe space to express yourself fully and authentically?
Antonia Schmuck
Somatic awakening
Discover the power of self-awareness and authentic connections in Antonia Schmuck's workshop. Dive into your present sensations, cultivate deeper self-acceptance, and experience the joy of connecting with yourself and others. Are you ready to unlock your true potential and embrace the essence of being human?
Jan Buis
The journey inward
Discover the transformative power of breath-work with Jan Buis: How can we tap into our inner truth, release blocked energy, and find gratitude? Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing through the art of breath-work.
Urte Zahn
How to be a regenerative entrepreneur
Are you ready to transform your organization's approach to sustainability? Join a workshop that empowers teams to contribute to the regenerative transformation of their organization. Learn the principles of the regenerative economy and discover how to apply them.
Urte Zahn
How to be a regenerative entrepreneur
Are you ready to transform your organization's approach to sustainability? Join a workshop that empowers teams to contribute to the regenerative transformation of their organization. Learn the principles of the regenerative economy and discover how to apply them.
Jana Meinel
Ask Me Anything (AMA) about Ketamine assisted augmented psychotherapy
Curious about ketamine-assisted augmented therapy? Interested in becoming a certified psychedelic therapist? Join Jana Meinel, a psychologist and psychotherapist, in an insightful AMA workshop where she shares her expertise and experiences.
Michal Antonovich
Flow yoga with sound
Tap into your inner knowing, align with your cosmic rhythm, and experience the power of presence and receptivity. Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and authentic change?
Sanya Manzoor
Opening and Closing Ceremony
Experience depth, devotion, and revelation through ceremony and ritual. You'll meet yourself, set intentions, and explore collective togetherness. Can ceremony and prayer transform your journey? Are you ready for connectedness and completion?
Carolin Goethel and Jenny O’Hare
Living Deep Ecology - Embodying The Web of Life   
How can we deepen our connection with the natural world and re-belong to the wider web of life? How can we cultivate an embodied sense of interconnection with our surroundings and gain insights and nourishment through practices?
Imke Wangerin/ School of Life
The Journey from Separation to Connection. How we can build trust and community
Learn how to connect at a deeper level with the people you meet and discover tools to build trust and community.
Tal Siano
Cuddle Cultivation
How can we cultivate awareness of our own bodies and those around us through guided touch?How can we develop the ability to connect through the art of mindful touch in a safe and mindful way?
Uria Tsur
The celebration of the healing power of music!
We believe that music is not just entertainment, but rather a form of medicine that can soothe the soul, uplift the spirit, and bring people together in a powerful way
Anna Reisch
Regenerative Organizations
How can the principles of a regenerative future be adopted to working in organizations? Which roles can humans play in creating a positive future when working together?
Expect to be transported on a mystical journey like no other with @tetouze, who blends electronic and Indian music in a truly mesmerizing way.
Nicolas Endres
Whatever the question, community is the answer! - A practical introduction to community-building using microsolidarity
How can we create wholesome group spaces? How can support and care foreach other? How can we build sustainable communities?
Siti Naturaleza
Mystical universal Sound journey
Ready to embark on a mystical sound journey? Join artist and musician Siti Naturaleza in a heart-opening experience that connects you to Mother Nature and your inner wisdom.
Vasilisa Roots-n-Wings
Rising Stronger: Embracing Trauma To Cultivate Resilience
How can we transform our painful experiences into our strongest assets? Join Vasilisa Roots-n-Wings and discover how to build resilience, embrace trauma, and change the dis-connecting paradigm as a community.
Kolja Güldenberg
Men´s circle - wild and tender
Can we be powerful, present, and touchable men without succumbing to toxic masculinity? How do we open our hearts fully while living our wild, archaic side in connection with all genders?
Susu Grunenberg
Dance, sense, connect – Biodanza
Are you ready to experience the profound connection of community through the rhythm and flow of organic movement? Can you imagine the feeling of distance and strangeness melting away, replaced by a pulsating unity?
Juliana Ohneberg
Home is where the heart is
Ever wondered how your breath can lead you to inner peace and self-awareness? Join Juliana Ohneberg's workshop and explore the power of conscious connected breathwork.
Isabel Dziobek and Nikolas Konstantin
The Secret to Compassion - When Science Meets Tradition
Ever pondered how your Self is shaped through interactions with others? Curious to explore the realm of self-perception and interpersonal empathy?
Felipe - Sonido Sur
Connection to the spirit of nature -nature walk-
Discover the power of nature and awaken your true being with Felipe in this two-hour workshop. Can you recognize the truth of life in all that surrounds us? Are you ready to connect with the spirit of nature and embrace the oneness of everything?
Liva Franke
The way of tea - tea Ceremony
Discover how tea can be a spiritual elixir, calming the mind and reconnecting you with nature. Experience the power of tea as a plant medicine, allowing you to listen to your body, find harmony, and appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Jana Meinel, Felicitas Vallot and Aglaia Kindermann
Discover the transformative power of psychedelic integration with Jana Meinel and Felicitas Vallot. What does the BEYOND EXPERIENCE workshop offer? How can you harness the potential of psychedelic journeys for personal growth and healing?
Stephanie and Izzy
Make it Circular: Changing Cycles and Systems in Food and Fashion
Join to explore the power of systems thinking and circularity in designing a more sustainable future. What role do cycles and systems play in shaping our world? How can we make our food and fashion systems more circular?
Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling
Discover a new perspective of who we are and our connection to the Earth. In this keynote(-interview), she will share her insights on the beauty of the Earth that has endured for millions of years.
Iana Gorokhova
ARTibiotic: A Collective Painting Experience
Dive into an experimental live painting practice and discover how colors, lines, and textures can be a source of self-expression and personal transformation. Are you ready to contribute to a collective vision board and tap into the shared experience of the group?

Healers 2023

We are super excited about this year's healers to welcome you in our Healer's space. Here you find a first glimpse into this years line-up, their skills and what they have to offer. Be exited!

Tantra Massage. Session
Experience the transformative power of tantric touch with Sonja, a skilled and passionate tantric masseuse. Are you ready to explore your sensuality and deepen your connection to your body and pleasure?
Anke Brucker
Grinberg Method
Are you looking to overcome trauma and embrace personal growth? Experience the healing touch of Anke Brucker, a skilled Grinberg Method practitioner. Discover the power of pain therapy and systematic coaching to transform your life.
Relaxing, sport or deep tissue massage
Looking for transformative experiences? Want relief from pain, stress reduction, or pure relaxation? Book a session with Lucas today and let his expertise guide you to wellness.
Siti Naturaleza
Ceremonial intuitive massage
Experience the ceremonial intuitive massage and chant, that offers a transformative journey to cleanse your body, open your aura, and connect with ancient traditions. Are you ready to embark on a spiritual and rejuvenating experience?
Massage (holistic massage, classical, ...)
Are you seeking a massage that goes beyond the physical? Discover the power of holistic massage, classical techniques, and the influences of Thai-Yoga massage. Do you desire a treatment that addresses both mental and physical imbalances?
Katharina Louise
Human Design / Gene Keys / Astrology combined
Discover your divine potential and ancestral heritage with Katharina Louise, a multidisciplinary artist and healer. Are you ready to bring harmony to your heart and mind and explore the evolution of consciousness?
André Laubner
Pantarei Approach - Somatic Bodywork   
Discover the transformative power of Somatic Therapy & Bodywork with André Laubner. How can reconnecting with your body unlock your true potential? Can releasing physical tensions and emotional baggage lead to lasting change in your life?
Osteopathic body-mind alignment  
Are you seeking balance and relief from stress and trauma? Clara, a skilled osteopath, offers osteopathic body-mind alignment services in Berlin. Do you want to know how she can help you find harmony and well-being?
Anna-Lena Prinz
Somatic Coaching/ (Pantarei) & Massage  
Experience transformative intimacy within your own body with Anna-Lena Prinz. Can she guide you towards clarity, release, and self-understanding through her unique blend of bodywork, coaching, and massage?
Benjamin Block
holisitc bodywork  / family-, systemic constellation sessions
Are you ready to reconnect with the wisdom and potential of your body and heart? Experience the transformative power of Benjamin Block's holistic bodywork and family/systemic constellation sessions. Discover places where you can grow, trust, and shine!
Yasemin Vollmond
Human design reading
Discover your true self and unlock your potential with Yasemin Vollmond. Are you ready to align your life, embrace self-love, and empower yourself? Find out your aura, energy type, and unique gifts through a 60-minute Human Design Reading session.

Safe the dates in your calendar!

Pura Vida Festival Retreat 2023
June 15, 2023 10:00 AM
June 18, 2023 18:00 PM
Klingemühle, Naturpark Schlaubetal
Pura Vida Festival Retreat is an experience that aligns personal well-being with planetary
regeneration. The experiences  are journeys to tap into deeper sources of meaning and more purpose in life while experiencing a sense of community, love and lots of fun!Through interactive daily workshops, we explore themes, such as holistic health, meditation, self-knowledge and compassion, relationships, connection and intimacy, creativity, dance and embodiment, deep ecology and sustainability. Become part of another chapter exploring co-creation and co-flourishing! Tickets & More info:

Nestled within the lush and serene Naturpark Schlaubetal, just over one hour outside of Berlin, lies the magical place of our festival. Surrounded by forests, lakes and the sound of the eagle’s song, we gather to immerse ourselves in daily yoga & meditation, interactive workshops, ceremony, dance and community.