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Our Vision

We are facing numerous challenges on societal, environmental and economical level that are an expression of an underlying crisis of consciousness.
We believe that we need to explore new path on how we relate to ourselves, to another and to the natural world.

We are a collective of entrepreneurs, scientists, change makers and heart-led humans that explore new paths to tackle those challenges.
With our experiences we provide education and solutions to those challenges. Together as a community we bring those to live and make it experienceable, how "a better world our hearts know is possible" feels like. And the feeling of complete inner-, community- and nature alignment is so incredible powerful, that its impossible to describe itwith words - you should join and experience it yourself.

Crafting spaces for human growth and flourishing


We envision building a holistic well-being space in Berlin that facilitates transformational healing and learning experiences. This will lead to an integral understanding of human purpose and flourishing, which is rooted in the realization of inter-being with each other and our planet as a whole.

We will offer workshops and practices to cultivate regenerative practices for Mind, Body, Heart and Earth, which are rooted in ancient wisdom traditions, and utilize the latest science from a variety of research fields.

The space will provide a central hall for ceremonies and celebrations of life, workshop spaces and a vegan cafe to co-create a loving and thriving community. It will provide rooms for individual health treatments and a spa area with a sauna, ice- and sound applications to heal, relax and rejuvenate.

From a space of individual power we aim to craft a reality that enables us to take life-affirming decisions for ourselves, our communities and the living world. Making a positive impact with every step we take, we contribute towards a happy, healthy and joyful lifestyle for all living beings in harmony with our ecosystems.


We envision a space to live and evolve in a way that is rooted in nature surrounding Berlin, which also provides the comfort and the liveliness of a city. With the ideal size of a community it will be a fully functional cell in interconnection with the surrounding body.

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Our Team

Christian Huder


Christian is a passionate yogi, entrepreneur and free spirit that loves to connect the dots to give birth to new ideas. He worked for more than 10 years in the field of sustainability and renewable energies and realized that we have most technologies and knowledge in place to live much more sustainable and in harmony with nature. But whether we apply those to solve humanity’s big challenges depends on human choices.

After stumbling over the limiting narratives of the western society he was looking for different paths that turned into a transformational journey that has led him to discover a much more culturally diverse perspective on life and the nature of humans and our planet.

With this knowledge he came to the conclusion that we can only solve our challenges through collective healing- and learning journeys that facilitate human growth. After this realization his vision became to craft experiences and spaces for inner transformation and personal development that lead to a happy and healthy life with each other and in harmony with nature. The Pura Vida Festival is the first manifestation of this vision.

Felicitas Vallot


Felicitas works with international hotels, companies and foundations, creating holistic health experiences & concepts for guests and employees. She supports her clients in implementing health programs cultivating mental health, emotional intelligence, physical wellbeing, resilience and community.

She combines her academic background in business studies (BSc.) and medical anthropology (M.A.) with her extensive travels throughout the world, where she explored the healing modalities and wolrdviews from a variety of cultures.

Felicitas completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Rodney Yee in New York and her Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy with Anna & Daria Halprin in San Francisco. She is passionate about mindfulness meditation, altered states of consciousness, art and deep ecology.

Her vision is to bring to life spaces for human growth and self-actualisation, where we can flourish together, and in meaningful relationship with nature.
As co-founder of Pura Vida Experience, Felicitas is responsible for vision, content, programming, and creative direction.

Martin Ebeling


Martin has a keen interest in the transformation of the mind, his own and that of other people. He believes that happiness is a skill that we can learn and that human flourishing requires self-actualization and a loving community to ground and support one’s growth.

His current vision is to build a center for contemplative practice in a forest near Berlin. Here, people would learn the tools to cultivate a happy and compassionate mind while contributing to community life and finding peace in nature. Martin is also passionate about transforming the way we work and bringing emotional intelligence to organizations. He follows this passion as Head of The School of Life for Business Germany.

Within The Pura Vida Festival team he is responsible for the vision and the content of the festival experience and for helping the team perform at its best while maintaining a regenerative work culture.

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